Partnering with a copywriter, below are examples of concepting work for new Employer Value Propositions. Created based on research, personas and our collective knowledge of hiring needs, these employer brands speak to job candidates directly and aim to drive the right candidate to apply.

NewYork-Presbyerian: Where Amazing Works

NewYork-Presbyerian is where amazing things happen. And for that to be the case, amazing people need to work there. This brand shares real life stories of current employees to show that every pair of hands, every gesture and every NYP team member makes an amazing difference.

Jackson Health: More Than a Miracle

At Jackson Health, miracles are made daily. But sometimes miracles need a helping hand. Miracles need the support of doctors, nurses, specialists and support staff. Because miracles don’t occur  without an incredible team. A team found at Jackson Health.

Jackson Health: Miracles Built Here

Jackson Health is growing. And with them, job candidates can build their careers. This is the opportunity to join something bigger and make a difference in patient lives.

Mount Carmel Health System: Find Your Calling

Across Mount Carmel, colleagues are working toward a shared goal: Excellence in patient care. Where it’s a front-line caregiver or one of the support staff, Mount Carmel is making days brighter by making the difference in patient care.